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"Charismatic sales clerk at the Castele Fashion Boutique. Devoted to fashion. She also has a twin sister."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) {{{nickname}}}
Hometown Castele
Relatives Twin sister
Rank Tailor Shop Clerk
First appearance Fantasy Life

Zippy is a tailor in Castele who works in the Castele clothes shop.

She is part of the quest for Beginner Tailors; "The Fledgling Tailor: Sew Some Devotion!", as one of the characters that request your character's help. You will need to make a Fluffy Ribbon Top for one of their customers, as they are busy from making curtains for the Castele Kingdom. 

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Zippy's name comes from a zipper, a common fastening found on clothing.

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