White Woolie
White woolie
Enemy information
Location(s) East Grassy Plains
Possible drop(s) Mutton, Sheep Fleece
Enemy level Normal
Bounty None
Bounty rewards N/A
Approx. health 24 HP
Nature Aggressive (early game), Fearful (late game)

White Woolies are wild sheep. They are found in the East Grassy Plains. They are recognisable by their thick woolly coat, which is white, and upward-curving horns. They are the smaller cousins of the Black Woolie.

Nature Edit

In the early game, White Woolies are aggressive, which means they attack on sight. Later in the game, White Woolies become fearful enemies, which means they flee on sight. These weak enemies are good for early training, but past a level 2 weapon ability, it is recommended that you find an enemy that is a bit tougher.

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