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Hi, I'm Yami riku. Thank you for visiting and contributing to the Fantasy Life wiki page.

I used to be an admin here, but I haven't played the game in a very long time and have lost interest in it.

Pages of Interest


Alchemist / Angler / Blacksmith / Carpenter / Cook / Hunter / Magician / Mercenary / Miner / Paladin / Tailor / Woodcutter


Information on which stats improve efficiency for specific lives

Fantasy Life Full Shop List:

A list of all purchasable items and where to find them

Other Requests:

A list of NPC quests - What they ask for and what the reward is for completion


A list of allies that may join the player's party and what the requirement is to unlock them


A list of all tools - What level they require and what special effects they possess


A list of all weapons - What level they require and what special effects they possess


A list of all armour with all of the essential information such as their stats and special effects

Crafting Effects:

Effects of adding extra ingredients to Alchemist, Blacksmith, Carpenter, and Tailor recipes


Leveling up tips and which ingredients improve the flavour/quality of a dish


A visual aid of decor the player may add to his or her homes

Dyeable Items:

A visual aid of clothing and decor that the player may dye

Lunares Coins:

[DLC only] Information on Lunares Coins and their possible rewards

Special Requests:

[DLC only] Information on the God requests given by life masters