The Helping Guy

aka someone whose idols are good games.

  • I live in in the virtuality!
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is to do Toad's voice!
  • I am false reported 2 times!


is an RPG with many possibilities. Try if it feels like it!

My friend code on 3DS is Charles 5387-0750-8059. If you'll add it, I highly recommend to give your friend code to me! I'll add it for sure, and note about it on my talk page to the sender.


  1. King Erik was cursed by Daemon's father.
  2. Rooster lays eggs? Hmm... Easter roosters lay eggs. Eggbert maybe... MOVING ON!!!
  3. She is low and high-class? She wants adventures to her life.
  4. That tree is special? So are the other apple trees, you can't cut them in the game either.
  5. Postman with no sense of direction? Maps, and addresses to follow. So he says.
  6. Cherry's dogs are beavers? She's a child, and maybe the beavers act as dogs.
  7. Only six mysteries? This is a mystery number 7!
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Paladin Legend
Mercenary God
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Magician Legend
Miner Legend
Woodcutter Hero
Angler Hero
Tailor Master
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Cook Master
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