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Hello, Thank you for looking at TheDalmatianCupcake's Profile Page! I am most active on this wiki, and the animal crossing new leaf one. I have had 6 profiles on Fantasy Life, but only 1 of them got to level 100 to access pretty much everything the game has. That is my only active profile on my game now, but I will have almost every life more than fledgling because I have gone through 6 profiles. If you have anything you need, please leave something on my talk page. I am still currently playing Fantasy Life, so I would be happy to trade or play multiplayer. I have mastered all 3 trials, and I am able to defeat all mobs single player (besides special requests, but I can do them with Ophelia and Celestia), so I would be happy to help anyone with bosses or the Trials. Thank you! :DDD

Class Rank
Paladin Master
Mercenary Creator
Hunter Creator
Magician Adept
Miner Hero
Woodcutter Creator
Angler Master
Tailor Master
Alchemist Apprentice
Blacksmith Hero
Carpenter Master

Cook I Apprentice

~~~TheDalmatianCupcake (DLC)~~~

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