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Hi!  I'm an American who has just discovered and become absorbed in Fantasy Life as of Christmas 2014.  I gave my 7-year-old a copy because I thought she'd really get into it and I got hooked too.  I see a lot of pages on this wiki that are missing info or formatted inconsistently, so I decided I would join up to try to help get things sorted out.  (I'm very aware that I'm outside the region this Wiki is meant to cover, though, so I'm not changing anything that looks like a regional difference.  But I'd think that prices and recipes and ranks and so forth would be pretty much the same.)

I started out as a Paladin because it sounded most like the way I wanted to play.  Once I mastered it, I was going to switch to something else that "sounded cool" (alchemist), but quickly realized that it made more sense to go through the gathering Lives before getting into the makers.  So here I am, working my way through Mining and Woodcutting and Fishing and so on...

Class Rank
Paladin Master
Hunter Apprentice
Miner Adept
Woodcutter Adept
Angler Adept
Alchemist Fledgling

The Road Goes Ever On and On

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