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Hello I'm Redheadepdichu and I enjoy MMO's and RPG's!

I have finished the game three times but my DS died so I had to get a new one therefore my game was gone and so I must restart once again. I shall become the very best like no one ever was!

FC: 0576-7552-2317

IGN: Yui

FCIGN: Pichu

If you add me tell me in my talk page with your IGN, FC and FCIGN. Thanks! :D

Class Rank
Paladin Hero
Mercenary Fledgling
Hunter Fledgling
Magician Fledgling
Miner Adept
Woodcutter Adept
Angler Master
Cook Fledgling
Blacksmith Adept
Carpenter Fledgling
Tailor Fledgling
Alchemist Fledgling

My sig: Pichu poked you! Come message her sometime

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