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Hello! I am a new editor on Wikia who loves contributing whenever possible to the Fantasy Life Wiki! If you ever need my attention feel free to post on my talk page.

On the Wiki

I am currently working on:

  • Expanding all articles
  • An enemy template
  • Categorising all pages under their respective categories

In Fantasy Life

I am currently level 68 and I have the Origin Island DLC. My favourite life is the Hunter Life.

My Fantasy Lives
Paladin Master Paladin Mercenary Master Mercenary Hunter God Hunter Magician Apprentice Magician
Miner Master Miner Woodcutter Expert Woodcutter Angler Master Angler Cook Expert Cook
Blacksmith Master Blacksmith Carpenter Adept Carpenter Tailor Adept Tailor Alchemist Expert Alchemist

In the Nintendo Universe

I am currently playing:

I occasionally play:

I also enjoy playing Mario games (in general).