Anisia The Eevee

aka Selena

  • I live in Somewhere in a comfy country in a comfy state in a comfy city in a comfy town in a comfy house in a comfy room in a comfy bed under comfy blankets and comfy pillows
  • I was born on February 11
  • My occupation is Playing MSP , drawing , studying , creating
  • I am Girl

Welcome to my profile person! Enjoy your stay! :)

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Class Rank
Paladin Creator
Mercenary Creator
Hunter Expert
Magician Master
Miner Creator
Woodcutter Expert
Angler Master
Tailor Hero
Alchemist Adept
Cook Hero
Blacksmith Master
Carpenter Expert

I'm looking for people to play with, so if you'd like to play with me feel free to ask! (as soon as the first person asks I'll add information about my FC, IGN, and if I have the DLC.)

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