Umbral Robe
Umbral Robe.png
A magical robe imbued with the power of darkness
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Usable by
Paladin icon 1.png Mercenary icon 1.png Hunter icon 1.png Magician icon 1.png Miner icon 1.png Woodcutter icon 1.png Angler icon 1.png Cook icon 1.png Blacksmith icon 1.png Carpenter icon 1.png Tailor icon 1.png Alchemist icon 1.png
Level 15
Defence Normal 50
Good 56
Great 62
Top 68
Divine ?
Magic Defence 45
Special Effects Focus +4
Tailor Hero Recipe
Stardust Linen x 3
Demonic Powder x 2
Shadow Mana x 1
Buy price N/A
Sell price Normal 16000 Dosh
Good 19200 Dosh
Great 22400 Dosh
Top 25600 Dosh
Divine ? Dosh
Type Armour (Body)


Refer to Master Chests

  • Complete the storyline of the game
  • Reach the rank of Master in the following lives:
  • Obtain the the treasure from the Garden of Shadows where the Prior Dark Sultan is found


Materials cost 12800 dosh (make linen)

Sells normal for 16k, or max 25.6k

minimum profit = 3,200 dosh/each

great for completing 3 of the Hero rank challenges

Also see

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