The player may participate in this trial in the Ancient Tower after completing the Origin Island storyline. The Trial of Time is the easiest trial to complete.

Enemies & Information About The Trial Of Time[edit | edit source]

Floor Enemies & General Notes
1st Banana King / Bowtaur / Berserk Giant / Marinetaur / Grand Marinetaur* Goddess's Bead may be gathered from the water
2nd Leafysaurus / Antiquesaurus
3rd Dark Giant / Strongtaur
4th Sagely Carroty / Sagely Carrotella / Greywing Pterosaur / Desert Tyrant* Bounty Clerk found here
5th Mummy / King Cobra / Mimic / Giant Mimic / Medusa / Deadly Medusa
6th Berserk Giant / Dark Giant
7th No enemies
Top Floor Killertaur

Shops[edit | edit source]

There is a Fluffkin Merchant on the 7th floor. He sells:

Red Treasure Chest Drops[edit | edit source]

The following items have been picked up from the Red Treasure Chests in this area:

Top Floor:

Massive Tip[edit | edit source]

Want to gain apples and farm the final boss without having to go through the Trial of Time all over again? Do this trick:

  • Save on the 7th floor before going up to fight
  • Defeat the Killertaur on the top floor
  • Travel back down to the main floor
  • Go SLEEP in your bed. ("Sleep", not "Rest") - This respawns the boss, chests, and apples on the 7th floor
  • Faint (Take off your equipment if you must and find a strong monster to take you down)
  • When you faint, choose to restart from the LAST SAVE POINT
  • You are now back at the 7th floor of the Trial of Time and can go ahead and save.

Re-do the trick as much as you want. This tip applies to all of the trials.

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