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You can participate in this trial in the Ancient Tower. The Trial of Darkness is a medium difficulty trial that unlocks once you've reached level 75.


Floor Enemies
1st Gargoyle / Spirit of Darkness / Shadow Protector / Calamitus
2nd Gargoyle / Dark Wisp / Shadow Gargoyle
3rd Dark Wisp / Wicked Box / Bloodmon / Darkmon
4th Hell Gigante
5th Shadow Baby Dragon / Shadow Wolf / Boss Shadow Wolf / Shadow Shark / Shadow Bigbeak
6th Gargoyle / Shadow Gargoyle
7th Violent Violet / Dark Spider / Moth Queen / Giant Crab / Medusa / Deadly Medusa
8th Shadow Baby Dragon / Shadow Dragon
9th No enemies
Top Floor Demon Master

Bounty Clerks[]

You will find the Bounty Clerks in the Trial of Darkness on the 4th and 9th floors. When you access the 9th floor you cannot return to the 8th floor.


There is a Fluffkin Clerk that you can buy items from on the 9th floor. He sells:


You can pick Galaxy Apples from the 2 Galaxy Apple trees located on the 9th floor.

Red Treasure Chest Drops[]

The following items have been picked up from the Red Treasure Chests in this area.

Top Floor only:

Massive Tip[]

Want to gain apples and farm the final boss without having to go through the Trial of Darkness all over again? Do this trick:

  • Save on the 9th floor before going up to fight
  • Defeat the Demon Master on the top floor
  • Travel back down to the main floor
  • Go SLEEP in your bed. ("Sleep", not "Rest") - This respawns the boss, chests, and apples on the 9th floor
  • Faint (Take off your equipment if you must and find a strong monster to take you down)
  • When you faint, choose to restart from the LAST SAVE POINT
  • You are now back at the 9th floor of the Trial of Darkness and can go ahead and save.

Re-do the trick as much as you want. This tip applies to all of the trials