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General Information

Treasure chests are found all throughout Reveria and each chest gives out an item. These red chests will always respawn should players move at least 2 screens away or if players select to "Sleep" in a bed. Players who have purchased and completed the Origin Island storyline may spend 7 Gold Lunares Coins to obtain Treasure Gloves which allows the player to gain two items from each chest instead of just one.

In addition, players may find Secret Treasure Chests which are initially invisible. Lastly, there are four Master Chests the player may open upon completing the storyline and reaching the rank of "Master" in particular lives.

Treasure Chest Rewards

The following lists the possible drops from treasure chests:

Area Possible Rewards
East Grassy Plains
Haniwa Cave
West Grassy Plains
Mt Snowpeak
Waterfall Cave
Lava Cave
Mt Snowpeak Summit
Napdragon's Nest
Tortuga Archipelago
Deepsea Cave
Nautilus Cave

Forgotten Tunnel:

Drysand Desert
Cave of Bones

Giant Fossil Hall:

Subterranean Lake
Ancient Ruins

Chamber of Gold:

Levitania (Terra Nimbus)

East Levitania:

Central Levitania:

West Levitania:

Central Grassland

(Origin Island DLC only)

Rocky Hill Shrine

(Origin Island DLC only)

Forest Shrine

(Origin Island DLC only)

Penguin Beach

(Origin Island DLC only)

Trial of Time

(Origin Island DLC only)

Top Floor:

Trial of Darkness

(Origin Island DLC only)

Top Floor: