Toy Camel
Toy Camel
A Toy Camel, popular with kids in Al Maajik. A noble desert beast made cute and cuddly.
3 Stars
Tailor Expert Recipe
Cashmere x 2
Golden Sheep Fleece x 3
Flax Thread x 2
Buy price 7000 Dosh
Sell price 3500 Dosh
Sell price good 3600 Dosh
Sell price great 4200 Dosh
Sell price top 4800 Dosh
Sell price divine  ?
Type Decor

  Common Bounty Reward from Outlaw Leader

Buy from Edit

Quests Edit

Great-Quality Toy Camel requested by Corrie for the quest Lettina’s Delivery Service 2, in the Post Office, Castele Square.

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