Tortuga Archipelago
Tortuga Archipelago map

Map of Tortuga Archipelago

"This set of shallow, connected beaches has it all: palm trees, piers, silver deposits, huge turtles, zombie pirates, and crabs. Lots of crabs."

Tortuga Archipelago is a group of islands located southwest of Port Puerto. It is connected to the mainland by a wooden walkway from the beach on the south side of Port Puerto. Shallow waters and wooden bridges allow movement between the islands.

Locations Edit

  • Alejandro's Beach Hut is on the west side of the large island to the east.
  • A shipwreck can be found on the northwest side of the archipelago.
  • Deepsea Cave is on the southernmost island. The cave entrance is in a pool of water on the east side of the island.
  • Nautilus Cave is on the large central island. A large spiral shell on the west side of the island is the cave's entrance.
  • A Bounty Clerk and Phileas's Leisurely Holiday Shop can be found on the island in the northeast corner. Danny and his two children can also be found here.
  • There is a whirlpool to the north of the southern island. A Swordfish or Golden Swordfish swims here, and can be fished from a semicircular dock.

Monsters Edit

Upon purchasing Origin Island and becoming a God Rank in a Hunter's Life, a Typhoon Bird will loiter around the entire beach, along with 2 Spirit of Wind, given you have accepted Fern's Hunter's Special Request.

Lootable Items Edit

Strifestone can be Mined from Large Port Puerto Ore Deposits, and when cashed in grants 200 Dosh and a Tool Upgrade Stone or an Attack Upgrade Stone.

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