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Location: Library in Al Maajik Spelltown

Requirements to unlock shop:

  • Completed story mode
  • Level 35+

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In post-game the player will receive a letter from Damien stating he has unsealed the Repository of Forbidden Books underneath the Library Al Maajik. To enter the Repository of Forbidden Books the player needs to travel to the Library Al Maajik and step over the magic circle on the top floor.
  • At night, the Tome of Shadows will reset the player's Stat Points for 30,000 Dosh.

Shop Inventory:[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Notes
Tool Upgrade Stone 1000 Dosh
Attack Upgrade Stone 1000 Dosh
Magic Upgrade Stone 1000 Dosh
M. Def. Upgrade Stone 1000 Dosh
Seashell Buttons 100 Dosh
Fire Mana 3000 Dosh
Water Mana 3000 Dosh
Earth Mana 3000 Dosh
Wind Mana 3000 Dosh
Green Gel 60 Dosh
Blue Gel 120 Dosh
Yellow Gel 300 Dosh
Red Gel 240 Dosh
Purple Gel 180 Dosh
Black Gel 420 Dosh
Rockcrusher Hammer 21000 Dosh
Gothic Needle 22000 Dosh
Forbidden Flask 15000 Dosh
Bone Sword 21000 Dosh
Demonic Void 34000 Dosh
Bat Wing Staff 24000 Dosh
Prisoner's Hat 7200 Dosh
Prisoner's Shirt 7200 Dosh
Prisoner's Pants 7200 Dosh
Spikeband 18000 Dosh
Spike Tank Top 22000 Dosh
Punk Bottoms 7200 Dosh
Slash Bangles 12000 Dosh
Platform Boots 10000 Dosh
Damien's Cape 14000 Dosh
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