Crowned Champion's House General Location.png

A house located on Mt. Snowpeak / Paladin's Life Store

Flutter's request, "Life Master of... Everything?" requires the player to visit this house to complete the quest.

The Crowned Champion's House.png


Speak to Gladstone to purchase or sell items. Some items require reaching the rank of Master Paladin to unlock:

Item Dosh Requirements
Crit Aid 2500 Master
Squire’s Sword 400
Bronze Sword 800
Iron Sword 1600
Silver Sword 3600 Master
Gold Sword 5000 Master
Captain's Sword 9000 Master
Paladin’s Sword 24000 Master
Paladin's Shield 400
Bronze Shield 1600
Iron Shield 2000
Silver Shield 3600 Master
Gold Shield 4200 Master
Captain's Shield 5400 Master
Knightly Shield 18000 Master
Iron Helm 1000
Iron Armour 1200
Iron Leg Guards 1200
Iron Gauntlets 840
Iron Boots 840
Paladin’s Armour 400
Paladin’s Breastplate 400
Paladin’s Leg Guards (Male) 400
Paladin’s Leg Guards (Female) 400
Paladin’s Gauntlets 400
Paladin’s Boots 400
Cape 800
Long Cape 8000 Master
Short Cape 9800 Master
Royal Rug 15000 Master
Royal Mat 20000 Master
Royal Dining Table 14000 Master
Royal Low Table 12000 Master
Royal Chest 16000 Master
Royal Cabinet 12000 Master
Royal Sofa 13000 Master
Royal Bed 19000 Master
Royal Curtains 17000 Master
Royal Chair 9000 Master
Royal Wardrobe 23000 Master
Castle Wall 4800 Master
Castle Floor 4000 Master
Block Floor 9000 Master
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