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If your item is neither craftable nor equippable (logs, weeds, etc), you're in the right place!

If, however, your item is a weapon, armour, tool, accessory, or any type of equippable, please take a look at the Template:Gear template.

If you have a craftable item that is not equipment (such as food, potions, ingots, etc), then please take a look at the Template:Craftmat template.

| name = Item Name
| japanese title = (Optional)
| description = Item Description
| rarity = Rarity in number of stars (i.e. 5)
| sold = price the item is sold for in stores.
| sell = price you can sell the item for at normal quality.
| sellsuper = price you can sell a super quality version of this item for, if applicable.
| type = type according to this wiki's Items page

If anything is unclear about this explanation, please go bother User:Paranoodle and they'll try to fix it.