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裁縫師, Saihō-shi
Tailor Transparent.png
"Fashion. Everyone wants it, but few can truly 'get' it. You can double-stitch your way to the center of any fashionista's wardrobe. And you look FAB-U-LOUS doing it!"
Weapon Dagger (Default)
Tool Needle
Class information
Life type Crafting
Master Madam Purl
Characters Spoolie, Taylor, Zippy, Chic, Lyra, Bobbin
Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Tailor is a life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Lives that can be chosen as the player's main life at any time during the game by visiting the Guild Master (except during a story mission).

The Tailor uses needles to make clothes, accessories and furniture. There are 167 tailor recipes in the base game and 259 with the DLC.

The Tailor's Life Shop is located at Madam Purl's House - Port Puerto Palace Way.


Rank Stars Dexterity Intelligence
Novice 0 - -
Fledgling 100 +2 +1
Apprentice 500 +4 +2
Adept 2000 +6 +3
Expert 5000 +8 +4
Master 13000 +12 +6
Hero 25000 +16 +8
Legend 58450 +20 +10
God/Creator 80000 +24 +12


When the player chooses the Tailor life he learns 4 skills: Sewing, Garment Tailoring, Misc. Tailoring and Fabric Tailoring. The max skill level is 15 (20 with the DLC). To unlock the new cap Legend rank must be reached and then, with the Tailor life active, talk to Divinus. He will increase the cap of these 4 skills to 20 and upgrade the licence to God-in-Training rank.

Icon Name Description
Sewing Skill.png Sewing Your proficiency at sewing. Raise your skill level to increase your selection of needles and improve your crafting speed.
Garment Tailoring Skill.png Garment Tailoring Gives you access to clothing recipes, like shirts and dresses. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Misc. Tailoring Skill.png Misc. Tailoring Gives you access to Miscellaneous recipes, like hats and shoes. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Fabric Tailoring Skill.png Fabric Tailoring Gives you access to fabric recipes, like curtains and rugs. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.


When leveling a life, the player will gain several abilities. This abilities help by improving the life itself. Below is a list of Tailor abilities:

  • Sewing Machine
    • Upon reaching the Adept rank, the ability Sewing Machine is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable. Once fully charged, it can be used by pressing X button. This automatically completes the next 3 tasks perfectly in a row with Great performance.
  • Fashion Fervour
    • At Master rank, the Sewing Machine ability becomes Fashion Fervour, increasing the number of tasks to 5.
  • Dancing Needle
    • At God/Creator rank, the Fashion Fervour ability becomes Dancing Needle, further increasing the number of tasks to 7.
  • Daydream
    • Upon reaching God/Creator, the ability Daydream is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable twice. Once double-charged, this ability allows you to instantly finish your current recipe.
  • Appliqué Stitch
    • Upon reaching Expert, the ability Appliqué Stitch is unlocked, allowing the addition of an extra material. To view which effect each material has, see: Crafting Effects. At God/Creator rank and with the Tailor life active, it's possible to add a second material. This material can only be a Divine Orb, and when used, the item crafted will always be of divine quality.
  • Name Brand
    • Upon reaching Master, the ability Name Brand is unlocked, allowing the name of the player to be added onto items they craft. This can be viewed by looking underneath Rarity on an item, in which it says Made by: "Player Name".


The Tailor uses needles to make clothes, accessories and furniture. Needles can be obtain from:

  • Shops that are all over the world.
  • Enemies Drops and Bounties.
  • Treasure chests that are all over the world.
  • NPCs. Such as King Erik Stone.
  • Crafted by Blacksmiths.

Some of them come with special effects useful to sewing and when crafting more effects can be added. To see full list of effects visit Crafting Effects.

View Needles List
Picture Item Rarity Skill Level Normal Good Quality.png Great Quality.png Top Quality.png Divine Quality.png Special Effect Lives
Training Needle.png
Training Needle 0 Stars.png 1 6 6 6 6 6 ------ All
Bronze Needle.png
Bronze Needle 0 Stars.png 1 9 10 12 14 16 ------ All
Iron Needle.png
Iron Needle 1 Stars.png 2 12 14 16 18 20 ------ All
Silver Needle.png
Silver Needle 2 Stars.png 3 16 18 21 23 26 Higher quality rate +1% All
Gold Needle.png
Gold Needle 3 Stars.png 4 20 23 26 29 32 ------ All
Fashionista's Needle.png
Fashionista's Needle 3 Stars.png 5 24 27 30 34 37 ------ All
Hornet Needle.png
Hornet Needle 3 Stars.png 6 28 31 35 39 43 Higher quality rate +15% All
New Wave Needle.png
New Wave Needle 3 Stars.png 7 34 38 42 47 51 Higher quality rate +10% All
Gothic Needle.png
Gothic Needle 4 Stars.png 8 40 45 50 55 60 ------ All
Industry Needle.png
Industry Needle 4 Stars.png 9 46 51 57 62 68 Higher quality rate +20% All
Haute Needle.png
Haute Needle 5 Stars.png 11 54 60 66 73 79 Higher quality rate +25% Tailor icon 1.png
Vintage Needle.png
Vintage Needle OI 5 Stars.png 12 50 56 62 68 74 Crafting time limit + All
Vogue Needle.png
Vogue Needle OI 5 Stars.png 13 65 72 80 87 95 Crafting S. Skill rate +25% All
Athena's Needle.png
Athena's Needle OI 5 Stars.png 15 70 78 86 94 102 Higher quality rate +30% Tailor icon 1.png

Tailor NPC List[]

There are a number of other Tailor class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these NPCs when they have a "?" over their heads.


Port Puerto[]

  • Chic: Madam Purl's House (Day), Fashion Boutique (Night) - Port Puerto Palace Way
    • Joins party at Expert
    • Unlocks the "The Divine Tailor" challenge (Hero)
    • Gives Black Cashmere x3 (God-in-Training/Demi-Creator)
  • Lyra: Fashion Boutique - Port Puerto Palace Way
    • Unlocks the "His and Hers Beachwear" challenge (Adept)
    • Unlocks the "Ladies' Loungewear" challenge (Expert)

Al Maajik[]

  • Bobbin: Bazaar Workshop - Al Maajik Sandtown
    • Bobbin has many stuffed animal recipes so check with him frequently
    • Unlocks the "Bobbin's Big Bunny" challenge (Hero)
    • Gives Sun Cluster x3 (God-in-Training/Demi-Creator)


Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Master Madam Purl to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.


Challenge Instructions Stars
Fledgling Tailor Visit the Tailor master, Madam Purl, and learn how to sew. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
Cotton Cloud
(Cotton Creation)
Make 3 pieces of Dandelion Cotton using Dandelion Puffs. 30
Dandelion Dandy
(Dandelion Scion)
Make 3 items with Dandelion Cotton as the top ingredient, such as a Castele Blouse or Castele Shirt. 30
Castele Lass about Town
(Castele Ladieswear)
Make a Castele Blouse and a Castele Skirt. 50
Castele Lad about Town
(Castele Menswear)
Make a Castele Shirt and a pair of Castele Slacks. 50
Artisanal Fashion
(Artisanal Ambitions)
Make an Artisan's Apron and Artisan's Puffy Shorts. 30
Nature Chic
(Boho Chic)
Make 3 pieces of Woven Straw Fabric using Straw Thread. 50
Castele Nature Chic
(Castele Boho Chic)
Make 3 items with Woven Straw Fabric as the top ingredient, such as Castele Slacks or a Castele Skirt. 100
The Thorough Tailor
(Teeming Tailor)
Make 10 material/clothing/decor items using the Fledgling recipes your master taught you. 100
Classy Style
(Highland Habit)
Make a Highland Top, a Highland Kilt, a Highland Beret, and a pair of Highland Loafers. 150
The Artisan's New Clothes
(Artisan's Accoutrements)
Make 1 high-quality Artisan's Apron. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
Have You Any Wool? Make 5 pieces of Wool from Sheep Fleece. 100
Three Bags Full Make 3 items with Wool as the top ingredient, such as those from the Harbour or Duelling recipes. 120
Harbour Hunny Style Make a Harbour Hunny Suit and a Harbour Hunny Skirt. 120
Harbour Hunk Style Make a Harbour Hunk Suit and a pair of Harbour Hunk Slacks. 120
Cosy in Quilt
(Quilt While You're Ahead)
Make a Quilted Coat and a pair of Quilted Bottoms. 50
Quilted Accessories
(Cozy Clothes)
Make a Quilted Hat, a pair of Quilted Mittens, and a pair of Quilted Boots. 150
Runway Duel
(Dueling Dressers)
Make a Duelling Outfit, Duelling Bottoms, and Duelling Boots. 150
Boardwalk Catwalk Make a pair of Harbour Sandals. 50
Silken Threads
(Slick Silk)
Make 5 pieces of Silk from Silk Thread. 100
Silk Chic
(Silk Star)
Make 5 items with Silk as the top ingredient, such as a Netted Hat or a Seafarer's Outfit. 200
The Thoughtful Tailor
(Tireless Tailor)
Make 10 material/clothing/decor items using the Apprentice recipes your master taught you. 300
Swordplay with Style
(En Garde!)
Make 1 high-quality Duelling Outfit. 150
High-Class Harbour Hunny
(High-Class Honey)
Make a high-quality Harbour Hunny Suit and Harbour Hunny Skirt. 400
Port Puerto Fashion Week
(Port Puerto Patterns)
Make a Seafarer's Outfit, Seafarer's Capris, a Netted Hat, and a pair of Warrior's Sandals. 150

Challenge Instructions Stars
Something Old, Something New
(Avant-Garde Garb)
Make a Twin Tail Jacket, a pair of Watermeloons, and a pair of Ribbon-Laced Shoes. 200
Sunny Threads
(Call for Cotton)
Make 10 pieces of Sunny Cotton out of Sunny Puffs. 250
Sunny Fashion
(Sunshiny Finery)
Make 5 items with Sunny Cotton as the top ingredient, e.g. Puffy-Sleeved Tops or Chic Maajik range items. 300
Cap Half-Full
(Cap in Hand)
Make 1 Cup Cap. 200
Bobbin's Teddy
(Bobbin's Bear)
Make 1 Teddy Bear. Ask Bobbin for the recipe. 200
Desert Town Fashionista
(Desert Designer)
Make a Chic Maajik Loose Top and a Chic Maajik Skirt. 250
Desert Town Fashionister
(Dapper Desert Don)
Make a Chic Maajik Top and a pair of Chic Maajik Capris. 250
Silky Smooth Waves
(Sea Silk)
Make 10 pieces of Marine Silk out of Marine Thread. 400
Scorching Sands
(Beach Combers)
Make a pair of Mules and a pair of Beach Sandals. 150
Beach Boys ad Girls
(His and Hers Beachwear)
Make a Holiday Top, a Sea Sarong, a Holiday Shirt, and a pair of Sea Trunks.(Challenge issued by Lyra in Port Puerto Palace Way - Fashion Boutique) 200
Coast Style
(Coast of Arms)
Make 1 piece of Coastal Armour. 150
Fresh Pressed Linens
(Spinnin' Linens)
Make 10 pieces of Linen out of Flax Thread. 500
The Threadbare Tailor
(Tailor Made)
Make 10 material/clothing/decor items using the Adept recipes your master taught you. 500
Bobbin's Cuddly Turtle Make 1 Cuddly Sea Turtle. Ask Bobbin for the recipe. 250
Desert Dune Dress
(Desert Designs)
Make a Linen Tunic, a pair of Linen Bottoms, a Desert Headdress, and a pair of Moccasins. 350
Cold Weather Chic
(Fine Frosty Fashion)
Make 1 piece of Frigid Armour. 200

Challenge Instructions Stars
Billy Goat's Gift
(Gift of the Goat)
Make 10 pieces of Cashmere out of Goat Fleece. 600
A Luxury Ensemble
(Lap of Luxury)
Make 5 items with Cashmere as the top ingredient, such as a Tuxedo or Pretty Princess Outfit. 700
Super Skirts
(Skirting the Issue)
Make a Sunshine Skirt, a Striped Skirt, a Lined Skirt, and a Checkered Skirt. 400
Party at the Palace
(Fancy Pants)
Make a Tuxedo, a pair of Formal Trousers, and a pair of Formal Dress Shoes. 200
Belle of the Ball Make a Pretty Princess Outfit and a pair of Castele Heels. 200
Short Stuff Style
(Short and Sweet)
Make 1 Short Cape. 150
The Golden Sheep Make 10 pieces of Flare Wool out of Golden Sheep Fleece. 600
Flair for Flare Wool Make 5 items with Flare Wool as the top ingredient, e.g. Magic Mittens or clothing from the Sandy range. 900
Bobbin's Toy Camel Make 1 Toy Camel. Ask Bobbin for the recipe. 300
Palace Parlour Party
(Gentlemen's Garments)
Make a high-quality Tuxedo, pair of Formal Trousers, and pair of Formal Dress Shoes. 500
High-Class Princess
(Ladies' Loungewear)
Make a high-quality Pretty Princess Outfit and pair of Castele Heels. 500
Traveller from Distant Sands
(Adventurer's Garb)
Make 1 piece of Sandy Armour. 400
Magical Fashion
(Work Your Magic)
Make a pair of Magic Mittens and a pair of Magic Shoes. 600
A Smile Suits Every Outfit
(All Smiles)
Make 1 Grinning Hat. 400
Black Goat's Gift Make 10 pieces of Black Cashmere from Black Goat Fleece. 1200
Dark Luxury
(Extra Extravagance)
Make 5 items with Black Cashmere as the top ingredient, such as something from the Grotto range. 2000
Skirt Flirt
(Skirt Skills)
Make a Banded Skirt and a Denim Long Skirt. 1200
Shark Chic Make 1 Shark Hat. 400
The Theatrical Tailor
(Well-Trained Tailor)
Make 10 material/clothing/decor items using the Expert recipes your master taught you. 800
Grotto Glamour
(Grotto Aficionado)
Make 1 piece of Grotto Armour. 500
Majestic Maharaja Make a Maharaja Robe, a pair of Maharaja Bottoms, a Maharaja Turban, and a pair of Maharaja Shoes. 2000
Fire and Water Mix and Match
(Fire Meets Water)
Make a Flame Robe, a Flame Hood, an Aqua Robe, and an Aqua Hood. 2000

Challenge Instructions Stars
Angel of Fashion
(Angelic Appeal)
Make 10 pieces of Angelic Cotton from Angelic Puffs. 700
Earthy and Breezy
(Earth, Wind, and Attire)
Make an Earth Hood and a Wind Hood. 900
Bobbin's Bunny Make 1 Big Bunny Plushie. Ask Bobbin for the recipe. 600
Pretty in Pink
(Tickled Pink)
Make 10 pieces of Pink Silk from Pink Silk Thread. 1800
Posing in Pink
(Pink Proficiency)
Make 5 items from Pink Silk, such as an Earth Robe or a Wind Robe. 2200
Harmony of Heaven and Earth
(Elements of Style)
Make an Earth Robe, an Earth Hood, a Wind Robe, and a Wind Hood. 2000
The Tenacious Tailor Make 10 material/clothing/decor items using the Master recipes your master taught you. 1000
Levitania Style
(Armor Suit Yourself)
Make 1 piece of Sky-High Armour. 800
Star Style
(Stitch for the Stars)
Make 10 pieces of Stardust Linen from Starry Thread. 1500
Five Star Style
(Stardust Style)
Make 5 items from Stardust Linen, such as something from the Sky-High collection. 2000

Challenge Instructions Stars
The Terrific Tailor
(Here, Here, Hero!)
Make 10 clothing items using the Hero recipes your master taught you. 1000
Night-and-Day Fashion Make an Umbral Robe, an Umbral Hood, a Light Robe, and a Light Hood. 2000
Luxury Levitania Style
(Hero's Defence)
Make a high-quality piece of Sky-High Armour. 1300
Bobbin's Special Bunny
(Bobbin's Big Bunny)
Make a high-quality Big Bunny Plushie. Ask Bobbin for the recipe. 1200
Royal Soft Furnishings
(Royal Decor)
Make a high-quality Royal Rug, Royal Mat, and pair of Royal Curtains. 1600
The Divine Tailor
(Sewing Superstar)
Get your Sewing skill to level 15. 4000
Umbra Shadows
(Making Umbrage)
Make a high-quality Umbral Robe and a high-quality Umbral Hood. 5000
Light Beams
(Snip the Light Fantastic)
Make a high-quality Light Robe and a high-quality Light Hood. 5000

Challenge Instructions Stars
Rakish Rainbow Make 10 pieces of Rainbow Linen from Rainbow Thread. 3000
Glittery Glamour Make 10 pieces of Divine Cashmere from Sparkling Goat Fleece. 3000
Resplendent in Rainbows Make 3 Rainbow items of clothing from Rainbow Linen. 3000
Godly Soft Furnishings Make 3 items using the 2 God-in-Training recipes for Cloud Curtains or Fluffkin-Shaped Rugs. 3000
Origin Island Couture Make 5 items of Origin Island clothing, such as Origin Island Armour or an Origin Island Cap. 3000
Sacred Tailoring Make 3 items of clothing from the Sacred collection, such as a Sacred Hood or a Sacred Robe. 5000


Main article: Tailor Recipes

There are in total 259 recipes in sewing divided into 4 main components: materials, Tops & Bottoms, others and decor.

Recipes for Tailor items are given by the Tailor Master, Madam Purl, by all of the characters related to the tailor life, by leveling up within the Class and for the DLC recipes by Divinus.



Have noticed that it's possible for the crafting mini-game to show the incorrect step that you're on after using "Sewing Machine" ending after consecutive scissors/cutting steps.