This section of the Fantasy Life walkthrough is about Chapter One of the main story.

Combat Controls Edit

When fighting enemies, use these controls. Note that these are basic controls. For combat controls specific to your life, consult the appropriate life class page.

Action Input
Basic attack / draw weapon A button
Special attack (if unlocked) X button
Change enemy focus Y button
Put away weapon B button

Chapter One Edit

  1. Wow, what a bang! There's a massive stone wedged in the roof! Butterfly seemed pretty worried about you, but how is she handling everything? Better ask her.
  2. A professor named Hughes showed up with some royal guards and took the Doomstone away! Now Pam's run back home in a panic. Better let her know you're OK.
  3. Apparently another Doomstone's fallen in the East Grassy Plains. Butterfly's desperate to go and see it! Better head to the Grassy Plains before Hughes gets there and nabs the stone!
  4. On your way to the Grassy Plains, you met a child in a blue cap. Apparently he's off to see the Doomstone too. Well, why not go and see it together?
  5. So you've made it to the Grassy Plains, but where's the Doomstone? Maybe one of the Paladins knows... If you can't find it on your own, feel free to ask around!
  6. You finally reached the Doomstone crater, but somebody's made off with the Doomstone! According to a nearby Paladin, the stone was taken by some "assistants." Let's find them!
  7. You tracked down the crooks to a cave with a suspicious sign outside. What do you supposed they're doing in there? Head into the cave and find out!
  8. Well, what do you suppose was in the cave? A Doomstone and a shadowy monster! Butterfly thinks you can restore the beast by smashing the Doomstone. Have at it!
  9. The "monster" turned back to normal! By the time Hughes showed up, it was all over. Case closed! Not bad at all! Now go and fill Pam in on your adventure!

End of Chapter Bliss QuestsEdit

To continue to the next chapter, you must complete the following bliss quests. They will reward you with 25 Bliss each when completed.

Once you have finished all four bliss quests, you can speak to Flutter in your room to start the next chapter of the story.

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