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Starlight Garden
The Starlight Garden from above.

The Starlight Garden, also known as Divinus's Garden or Lunares, is located outside of Fantasy Life's main world Reveria. According to the story, it is a place to monitor and access many other worlds, including Reveria, represented by the trees around the perimeter of the area. The Starlight Garden is decorated with beautiful trees, bridges and flowers.

How to access the Starlight Garden

  • You can access Lunares through the progression of the story, in The Tale of Lunares Chapter 7: Goodbye and Goodnight.
  • You can re-access Lunares anytime when you are at least level 45 and have finished the main story through the Goddess' Ship located in the Spirit Tree.
  • You can access Lunares anytime through the "Go to Divinus's Garden" button in the Map menu if you have the Origin Island DLC and have progressed far enough in the Origin Island story.


The Tale of Lunares Chapter 7: Goodbye and Goodnight: Reveria was about to be covered in darkness, so it is the player's (your) job to restore the Goddess' Ship to fly to Lunares and give everyone's wishes to Divinus to save Reveria. But with time running out, will you make it?


These characters can be found in the Starlight Garden.

  • Divinus: The divine creator of all Reveria. He has long watched over the people from above. Loves: Celestia, Yuelia, Noelia, Lunares. Disloves: Yuelia and Noelia arguing, bullies bulling Yuelia and Noelia.
  • Noelia: A mysterious young woman who tries to appear older than she is. She seems to be hiding her true feelings. She sometimes argue with Yuelia. Tries to catch up to Yuelia. Loves: Helpers she casts, her father, mother, twin sister, Lunares. Disloves: Arguing with Yuelia, bullies trying to swat her and Yuelia, crowds.
  • Yuelia: A mysterious woman who has a twin sister, Noelia, who tries to catch up to Yuelia. Yuelia is a bit sensitive. She is mostly kind to (Player Name). She is somehow ways of the world. Loves: (Player Name), Reveria, Lunares, her twin sister, father, mother, Pam, Laura, Erik, and kind people. Disloves: Butterfly swatting, bullies, arguing with her sister, and crowds.


You can talk to a Plushling to learn more about what they can do.

Note: These Plushlings are not present the first time you access the Starlight Garden in the story.

Agent of Divinus

Talk to this Plushling to buy Divinus's items.

Item Price (Dosh) Notes
Moon Cluster 1200
Star Cluster 1200
Sun Cluster 1200
Light Mana 6000 Requires Origin Island DLC
Shadow Mana 6000 Requires Origin Island DLC
Holy Helm 90000
Holy Armour 82000
Holy Leggings 82000
Holy Gauntlets 62000
Holy Boots 62000
Castele Memento 8000
Port Puerto Memento 8000
Al Maajik Memento 8000
Elderwood Memento 8000
Levitania Memento 8000
Lunares Memento 8000

Ending Plushling

If you talk to this Plushling, you can:

  • View the Fantasy Life credits by selecting the "Old-old" button.
  • View the Origin Island credits by selecting the "Plushy new!" button if you have finished the Origin Island story.(DLC)
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