Star Staff
Star Staff.png
A staff said to hold the essence of the stars. It shines brightly through the darkness.
4 Stars.png
Usable by
Paladin icon 0.png Mercenary icon 0.png Hunter icon 0.png Magician icon 1.png Miner icon 0.png Woodcutter icon 0.png Angler icon 0.png Cook icon 0.png Blacksmith icon 0.png Carpenter icon 0.png Tailor icon 0.png Alchemist icon 1.png
Magic Skill Level 4
Attack Normal 0
Good ?
Great ?
Top ?
Divine ?
Magic Attack 32
Special Effects Luck +4
Carpenter Master (High Level) Recipe
Starry Beam x 2
Star Cluster x 1
Emerald x 1
Buy price ?
Sell price Normal ?
Good ?
Great ?
Top ?
Divine ?
Type Weapons


Bounty drop: The Star Staff is a possible bounty drop from the Desert Spook.

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