A Spirit of Wind in the player's party during the Magician tutorial quest.

Fantasy Life Spirit of Wind 2

Spirit of Wind; usually 3 accompanies The Gale Wraith in Drysand Desert.

Fantasy Life Spirit of Wind

Spirit of Wind; only 2 loiters near the entrance of Tortuga Archipelago. They are of higher level.

"An air spirit personified. Can freely harness the power of wind and air."

The Spirit of Wind are tiny birdlike wind-element creatures, which accompanies both Gale Wraith and the Typhoon Bird.

They can originally be fought in the Drysand Desert, however after purchasing the Origin Island DLC content and obtaining God-rank in a Hunter's Life, they can be fought at a higher level in Tortuga Archipelago by accepting Fern's Hunter Special request.

Location Edit

The Spirit of Wind is an enemy that can originally be found in Drysand Desert.

The Spirit of Wind can also be found near the entrance of Tortuga Archipelago.

Drops Edit

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