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A Silver Crown enemy found atop Mt Snowpeak Summit during the Carpenter Special Request. It appears to be a reindeer with shaggy fur and large, branching antlers.



Being a Special Request enemy, the Spinning Horn is quite tough. As such, it dishes out as well as it can take it. It has three physical attacks, and one Magic based. (Note these attacks names are not canon, and instead are used simply for identification purposes.)

  • Horn Jab
    • The Spinning Horn swipes forward with its horns at anyone directly in front of it.
  • Buck Wild
    • Enraged, the Spinning Horn dashes towards the player, trying to hit them as hard as it can. It darts around 3 times before stopping.
  • Side Swipe
    • Much like the Horn Jab, this attack is a swipe with its antlers to the side.
  • Howling Cold
    • Spinning horn howls into the air, calling down a barrage of icicles in the radius around itself.


It would not be recommended to take on this creature alone, unless you are seriously decked out. Its physical attacks hit hard, and can easily knock out the ill-prepared. The best thing to do is to try and avoid its attacks by either maneuvering around it, or backing away out of it's hit range. A Mercenary could do some high damage, but would be open to attack due to their slow swing speed. A shield may be best to deflect damage without having to back away before each attack.

Though not very strong, its icicle attack can do some damage, even with a shield, so it's best to back away unless you have high Magical Defense.


The Spinning Horn has a red nose, and may be modeled after "Rudolf: The Red-Nosed Reindeer".