Snowman Costume
Snowman Costume.png
A suit that makes you look like a snowman. Looks warm, but feels chilly inside.
5 Stars.png
Usable by
Paladin icon 1.png Mercenary icon 1.png Hunter icon 1.png Magician icon 1.png Miner icon 1.png Woodcutter icon 1.png Angler icon 1.png Cook icon 1.png Blacksmith icon 1.png Carpenter icon 1.png Tailor icon 1.png Alchemist icon 1.png
Level 20
Defence Normal 29
Good N/A
Great N/A
Top N/A
Divine N/A
Magic Defence 27
Special Effects Water element ++
No Recipe
Buy price Password
Sell price Normal 10 Dosh
Good N/A
Great N/A
Top N/A
Divine N/A
Type Armour (Body)

This is part of the Snowman Outfit series, which may be obtained by using the appropriate password. The passwords are:

Language Password
English - AU / UK Slippery snowman
English - US Stay frosty!
French (FR, Français) Costume hivernal
German (DE, Deutsch) Mann aus Schnee
Italian (IT, Italiano) Nobile nevischio
Japanese (JP, 日本語)
Spanish (ES, Español) Señor resbalón
  • Note that these are based on the language chosen in-game - not the country you live in.
  • Please note that the passwords are Case-Sensitive.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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