A friendly Snowman. Hope he doesn't melt on the floor...
4 Stars
Buy price Password
Sell price 1 Dosh
Type Decor


This item can be redeemed by using one of the following Passwords:

Language Password
English - AU / UK Snowman-ia!
English - US Wanna build me?
French (FR, Français) Boule de neige
German (DE, Deutsch) Schneespaß
Italian (IT, Italiano) Naso di carota
Japanese (JP, 日本語)
Spanish (ES, Español) Don Níveo
  • Note that these are based on the language chosen in-game - not the country you live in.
  • Please note that the passwords are Case-Sensitive.

Trivia Edit

  • The American English password is a reference to the song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from the film "Frozen".
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