"Snoot's Emporium, the finest store in Port Puerto and Reveria! The best place to part with your Dosh!"

Snoot's Emporium is a general items shop located in Port Puerto Palace Way.

On the top level, level 30+ players can access Snoot's Emporium Secret Shop (also called Snoot's Super Secret Shop).


You can talk to the Shopkeeper behind the counter to buy these items.

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Item Price (dosh) bliss
HP Potion 60
Hi-HP Potion 320
Healing Powder 1000
SP Potion 120
Hi-SP Potion 440
Energy Powder 1200
Poison Antidote 120
Stun Antidote 160
Sleep Antidote 200
Panacea 1800
Life Cure 1500
Mini Bomb 300
Sleep Bomb 800
Medium Bomb 1000
Iron Pickaxe 1800
Silver Pickaxe 2900
Pine Axe 1900
Palm Axe 3045
Pine Rod 1600
Palm Rod 2600
Iron Hammer 2100
Silver Hammer 3300
Pine Saw 1980
Palm Saw 3190
Iron Needle 1440
Silver Needle 2300
Iron Frying Pan 1520
Silver Frying Pan 2400
Inventor's Flask 3400
Bubbling Flask 5200
Aquamarine Ring 4000
Amethyst Ring 6000
Emerald Ring 12000
Classy Monocle 10000
Cuddly Sea Turtle 3000
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