Skybie is a Wizard Plushling located in the Plushling Camp on Terra Nimbus/Levitania. Skybie can be found near the drying rack, at the upper right hand corner of the Plushling Camp. Skybie's dream is to become a Magician/Wizard.

"" A laid-back,chilled-out Plushling. Long ago, his best friend fell from Terra Nimbus.""
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) None
Hometown Plushling Camp
Relatives Fabbie/Bumbles
Rank Magician
First appearance Fantasy Life

In the past, Skybie was friend with his fellow Plushling Wizard, Bumbles who fell from Terra Nimbus. In an un-lockable dialogue when playing as aMagician, Skybie reveals this in a rather non-chalant manner. Skybie admits that Bumbles is a bit of "klutz" and careless at times but loves him dearly, and adds in a rather interesting comment that it is because they have both been "cut from the same cloth". Becoming a master Magician prompts an unlockable dialogue with Skybie.

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