The Seven Mysteries of Castele are obtainable by talking to the locals. They are interesting things to know, even if nothing happens when you know all of them.

  1. Hamsvich on the bridge to South Castele reveals one of them is the "child-like form of King Erik".
  2. Eggbert of the farm in West Castele reveals that he can lay eggs, despite being a male (rooster).
  3. A maid in the Castele Inn will tell you to come back at night, if you do, she will tell you that she is one of the seven mysteries. The fact that she switches between her "dowdy maid persona" and her "aristocratic high-class alter ego". She states that the fact that she is always a dowdy maid is part of the mystery.
  4. The Ruffian in the artisan district market at night will say; "Dat big tree in the apple orchard (in South Castele)... Can't cut it down no matter what! Just one of da mysteries of Castele!"
  5. At night, Lettina at the Castele's Post Office reveals that Roland has no sense of direction. So, how did he become a postman?
  6. Cherry's 'dogs' in the Castele Artisans' District are beavers, despite their owner believing otherwise.
  7. A man at Al Maajik says that there are only six mysteries of Castele. So, is the name of the mysteries wrong, or is the seventh hiding? Nope, It's the Seventh mystery!
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