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Throughout Rivera, there are Secret Treasure Chests that you can discover. In order to reveal the invisible treasure, you must find a location where a red question mark appears above your character's head.


Once the question mark appears, press A and the chest should become visible near your character.

Treasure Chest Locations[]

Map Location

? - Mark

Treasure Chest

West Grassy Plains (Near Florina's House) On the plateau South-East of Florina's House.
To the left of the ?-Mark location near the cliff's edge.
Port Puerto Beach District - West Directly below where the chest would be.
To the right of Timber.
Port Puerto Palace Way Along the outer walkway on the North-West side.
B8S-JkhCIAAS E-.jpg
Under the North-West gazebo.
Tortuga Archipelago (outside of Nautilus Cave) In the imprinted/shadowed sand.
B8S- oiCIAAjOZk.jpg
By the two blue seashells.
Mt Snowpeak Bottom of the pool's ramp.
On the right side of the pool.
Drysand Desert By the two green patches at the top of the oasis. In the center of the oasis.
Subterranean Lake At the central large body of water, where light is shining from above. At the left.
Ancient Ruins In the sandy area where the Dark Spiders are next to the head of the giant dragon skull. North of question mark.
Cacto Cove At the base of the giant cactus, in the middle. At the left between the tree and the giant cactus