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SP, or Strength Points, is a system of points used for special attacks, blocking, mining, woodcutting, fishing and magic. The SP bar is the blue bar below the green HP bar. Some skills use less SP as they level up. SP regenerates over time. You can use SP restoring consumables to instantly restore a set amount of SP. Unlike health points (HP), your character's SP cap does not increase as your character levels up.


Charged attacks, magic, and shielding all take up SP. If you hold A or X, you can charge up stronger attacks with any weapon. Magic is only when using wands, and uses up a little SP each time you use it, even if it is not a charged attack. Shielding is only when using a shield, and protects you from some damage at the cost of some SP.


Every gathering life takes up SP for different actions. Mining and woodcutting take SP for each hit, while fishing steadily drains your SP as long as you hold A. Like combat, you can charge up a special skill at the cost of more SP.


SP naturally restores, but the rate decreases during combat. If you sit by pressing Down on the D-Pad, you regain SP faster. There are also many items to instantly restore SP. SP Potions, Elixir, and other food and potions can be bought or crafted.