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"A young idealistic rookie Paladin, full of dreams. Her motto is "brawn before brains"."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Pup*
Hometown Castele
Relatives Unnamed Mother
Rank Paladin
First appearance Fantasy Life

Roslyn is a novice Paladin of the Paladins' Hold stationed in Castele. A simple girl from the stables in South Castele, Roslyn is determined to prove herself within the ranks of the order.

Roslyn is something of a mascot for the Paladin Life, being featured prominently in Fantasy Life’s media.


Roslyn has light brown hair and wears the standard female issue Palandins novice gear.

Story Edit

Long Arm of the Law Edit

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

In both the daytime and evening, Roslyn can be found at the stables in South Castele.

Rank Rewards and Challenges Edit

Roslyn hands out the following challenges when the player reaches a certain rank:

  • Unlocks the DANGER! Paladin challenge at Adept rank.

As an Ally Edit


Roslyn's stats at level 100.

Roslyn can be recruited into the player's party as an Ally once they reach the rank of Master in the Paladin Life.

In battle, Roslyn wields a longsword and takes a careful approach when sizing up the enemy. She can perform a charged rising spin attack, which is similar to the player's Paladin Spin Attack.

Roslyn will occasionally bestow a buff on the player that increases their physical attack power.

Stats Edit

Roslyn 100 730 265 350 175 215

Gallery Edit

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