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ロビン, Robin
Robin 2.png
"A gutsy young pilot from Port Puerto. His dream is to fly higher than anyone has ever flown."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) -
Hometown Port Puerto
Relatives (none)
Rank Pilot
First appearance Tales of Lunares -

Chapter 6

Robin is an aspiring engineer and pilot under the wing of Falcon. His dream is to find Levitania on his teacher's behalf and to prove that it exists.

Robin is something of a mascot for Fantasy Life, being prominently featured in related media.


Robin always had the lofty dream of soaring an airship in the sky higher than anyone else had. He became a pupil under the legendary Falcon and was regaled by his tales of Levitania. Though most of Falcon's pupils and other pilots dismissed his story of coming across the floating island of legend as nonsense, Robin believed in his teacher and made it his goal to find it one day.

As Falcon aged, eventually retiring as an airship pilot, and Doom Stones began falling from the sky, his pupils eventually left him one by one, out of fear that flying airships was now too dangerous due to the recent phenomenons. Robin, who could not bear to see his teacher so distraught, traveled to Port Puerto in order to find Crankshaft, the head mechanic of Port Puerto's airship manufacturing, to assist him in building an airship so he could find Levitania on Falcon's behalf.

Unfortunately for him, Crankshaft had long since become an alcoholic after the loss of his close friend Larkin, who took to the skies in search of Levitania one day and never returned. Robin was rebuffed by the mechanic, much to his dismay, but was offered a place to stay in the workshop by Crankshaft's daughter Aurora.

At some point in the beginning of the story, Robin and Aurora were approached by Noelia and discovered a means of utilizing purified Doom Stones as a superfuel to power an airship capable of reaching Levitania.


Sky Island Hopping

Robin is first introduced by Aurora inside of Crankshaft's Workshop. Robin is a young man who looks up to Crankshaft and he dreams of visiting and therefore proving Levitania's existence. He is the one who realizes that Doom Stone shards could be used to create a Floatstone to help power a ship to float to the sky. Once Crankshaft snaps out of his sad mood, he goes to help Robin and Aurora complete their airship. Robin uses the airship to take the player, Flutter, and Noelia into the sky in which they end up crashing into East Levitania.

Robin later assists in helping the Goddess's Ship take flight once again.



During daytime, Robin can be found just outside of Crankshaft's Workshop in Port Puerto Marina.

In the evening, he can be found a little ways from the the workshop, standing in the vacant airship docking bays opposite to where Larkin's airship is docked.

As an Ally

Robin can be recruited into the player's party once they have completed Tales of Lunares Chapter 6, Sky Island Hopping.


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