While planning the game, Level 5 had planned to add twenty lives to fantasy life. Obviously, eight were removed. However, they are still hinted at in the storyline, and in various parts of Reveria. These eight lives are as follows:

  • Mailman
  • Merchant/Shopkeeper
  • Pilot
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Scholar
  • Farmer
  • Fortune Teller
  • Street Entertainer

A number of these lives were hinted at by some characters. For example, the Indubitable Crowned Champion, makes this quote: "I am a person of many interests. Woodcutting, mining, needlework, cooking, alchemy, carpentry and smithing - you name it, I've done it! I can even fly planes and read the future! I would have taught you... but THEY won't let me...". This implies that fortune teller and pilot were originally planned for the game, but removed. 

Another quote can be found in Nautilus Cave. A diary in the bottom of this cave speaks of how a former miner (presumably the Indubitable Crowned Champion) found a wingstone at the very bottom of Nautilus Cave, and of how it was protected by a Pickaxed Golem (formerly a Rocksalt Golem, but a pickaxe was put into its head). Near the end of the diary entry, the writer proposes the idea of leaving the Life of the Miner, and become a Farmer.

In the introduction short, where the twelve lives are introduced, a few of the removed lives are hinted at. Scholar, Merchant, Mailman, Fortune Teller, and Street Performer all appear in the short.

Many fans of the game have been imagining what the lives would have been like, had they not been removed from the game. Others have found logical explanations as to why these lives were removed. The farmer life could have passed off as a crafting life, supplying to the tailor or cook, and the treasure hunter could supply gems, etc. to the alchemist. However, the remaining lives would be service lives, and would be hard to incorporate into a game like this.