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"Where the socially elite residents of Port Puerto make their home. Grand shops and fashion boutiques draw many customers."

Area Connections[]

Points of Interest[]

  • Port Puerto Guild Office, the place to change your life or to turn in bounties.
  • Port Puerto Fine Furnishings, the place to buy new Port Puerto furniture.
  • Anglers' Association, the place to buy fishing gear.
  • Madam Purl's House
  • Port Puerto Fashion Boutique, the place to buy new Port Puerto clothing.
  • Snoot's Emporium, the place to buy general goods including some more expensive goods.
  • Port Puerto Holiday Home
  • Estate Agent, where you can buy the Port Puerto Holiday Home for 50000 dosh.
  • Cocina Rica, the place for cooks to practise their craft or buy cooked food.
  • Port Puerto Palace