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"You've got a lot of Bliss, haven't you? That means you're happy enough to care for up to three pets"
— Pet Vendor

Fantasy Life concept art depicting two players; one riding a horse and the other followed by two pets.

Pets are animals you can take with you on your travels and who'll fight alongside you. Each town has a unique set of pets you can choose from and are all sold by Plushling Pet Vendors. In the base game there are dogs and cats, while the DLC: Origin Island will add birds and dragons. Birds can be obtained from Pet Vendors at the beginning of the game while dragons are obtained later on in Levitania.

When you first obtain a pet they will be a few levels below your own character's level. They will level up alongside your character. They require no food or healing items. If they fall in battle you can revive them by going to their fallen body and pressing "A". Otherwise, it'll take 60 seconds for them to revive by themselves. If you leave the area while they are unconscious, they'll automatically revive and follow you, but lose friendship points.

Pets will stay at your base home if they are not included in your party. If you embark on Story missions, you are unable to take your pets with you. Also if you're changing your Life with the Guild Master and it's the first time you have selected that Life, the game will automatically disband your party including your pets.

In order to first obtain pets you must select the required Bliss Bonus for it. You can have up to three pets after selecting all required Bliss Bonuses, but only as many as two may accompany you on adventures.

Status Menu[]

You can check your pet's status by going into the Menu (pressing "Y") and selecting Status. From there you can see your pet's description, level, friendship points (if using DLC), and stats. You can also dismiss your pet by pressing "Y" while highlighting the pet. They will promptly leave your party and appear in your base home. To add them back into your party, walk towards them and press "X" for Details and then press "Y" to add to your party.

There are no stat differences between dogs, cats, birds, and dragons. So there are no advantage or disadvantage to owning one pet over another. In battle they all have close-range attacks and have one special charge attack.

Locations of Pet Vendors[]


Pet Vendor in Castele Artisans' District.

In Castele the Pet Vendor is located in the Castele Artistans' District towards the right side of the map in a park.

This pet vendor sells dogs, cats, and birds (if you have the DLC). The cats resemble a generic breed, the birds resemble songbirds and the dogs resemble Shiba Inus.




Port Puerto[]

Pet Vendor in Port Puerto Palace Way.

In Port Puerto the Pet Vendor is located in Port Puerto Palace Way to the left side of the map next to a white wooden gazebo.

This pet vendor sells dogs, cats, and birds (if you have the DLC). The birds resemble parrots, the cats resemble Persians, and the dogs resemble poodles.




Al Maajik[]

Pet Vendor in Al Maajik Sandtown.

In Al Maajik the Pet Vendor is located in the Al Maajik Sandtown to the right with the other shop vendors.

This pet vendor sells dogs, cats, and birds (if you have the DLC). The cats resemble an Egyptian breed, the dogs resemble Pharaoh hounds, and the birds resemble eagles.




Levitania (Terra Nimbus)[]

HNI 0087.jpg

This Pet Vendor is located in Central Levitania  in the far South, or where Larkin parks his airship. This location and Pet Vendor won't unlock until after Chapter Six is completed. This vendor only sells dragons (and only if you have the DLC). There are three to choose from, being a Baby Silver Dragon, a Baby Golden Dragon, and, a Baby Nap Dragon; all of which can be found in groups of three in certain locations throughout Reveria. Despite that, they will still engage in battle with their own kind, just like they do with any enemy.