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"By day, he is a Cook at Cocina Rica. By night, he is the pirates' personal chef."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) -
Hometown Port Puerto
Relatives -
Rank Cook
Mercenary (formerly)
Angler (formerly)
First appearance Fantasy Life
Pedro is the renowned Cook of Port Puerto's Cocina Rica.

Pedro is something of a mascot for the Cook Life, being featured prominently in Fantasy Life’s media.

Story Edit

Welcome to Alfredo's Bistro Edit

Pedro is first encountered during the Cook Fledgling quest, just outside of Alfredo's Bistro. Having traveled from Port Puerto to sample Castele's cuisine, he is distraught to find the bistro closed. He is approached by the player and Sizzle who were looking for tomatoes, to use in their Finest Fluffy Omelette, and learned of Pedro from a produce shopkeeper. Upon learning of the situation, Pedro gladly shares some of his Vine-Ripened Tomatoes and enters the bistro to judge its cooking.

Pedro samples the omelette and showers the player with praise, citing it to be one of his "top 10 tastes". Impressed by the player's culinary expertise, Pedro rewards them with Dosh and teaches them how to cook Port Puerto's seafood cuisine. Pedro recommends the player drop by his restaurant should they ever visit Port Puerto and leaves the bistro, thoroughly satisfied with his trip.

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

During daytime, Pedro can be found in the Cocina Rica's kitchen in Port Puerto Palace Way.

In the evening, he can be found in the lower deck of a pirate ship docked at Port Puerto Marina.

Rank Rewards and Challenges Edit

  • Unlocks the "Impressive Stew Menu" / "Special Stew Menu" challenge at the rank of Master.
  • Unlocks the Roast of Legend recipe at the rank of Hero.
  • Gives 3 Heavenly Peaches at the rank of God-in-Training.


Pedro is kind hearted.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being featured as the mascot for the Cook Life in the opening sequence, Pedro takes residence in Port Puerto rather than Castele. He shares this trait with fellow Life mascot Decker.
  • Despite being a mascot in Fantasy Life, Pedro never becomes an available Ally, even with the Origin Island expansion included. He shares this trait with fellow Life mascot Forrest.
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