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"A friendly landlady who loves to chat with everyone. She always has candy in her pockets."
Character information
Gender Female
Hometown Castele
Relatives Fred (grandfather)
Amy (sister)
Jo (sister)
Beth (sister)
Rank Landlady
First appearance Fantasy Life

Pam is the proprietress of Homes by Pam and a supporting character in Fantasy Life. Pam provides the player's Avatar a "home" in her attic while they decide on a Life to pursue.


Pam is a sweet person who often gives the player candy. She enjoys Flutter's company and talks with her quite a bit about things such as family, dreams, and about how Flutter feels about anything. She also worries for both Butterfly and the player.


Homes by Pam[]

Pam provides a real estate service and can assist the player in moving homes in Castele. This feature is initially not available and the player will start off living in the attic of Homes by Pam as a sort of improvised lodging. Upon completing Flutter's Request Attic with a View, Pam will offer her services in full.

The player cannot move homes if they have any furniture placed in their home and Pam will request they remove it first.

Pam's Requests[]

Players who have purchased and completed the Origin Island storyline may begin earning Lunares Coins from Pam. Once per in-game day, the player can speak with her to receive a request, in which they will be rewarded a Silver Lunares Coin upon completion. Pam's requests task the player with giving hard to obtain items, some in high quantities. Whether the player completes or rejects the request, they must wait one in-game day before receiving a new quest and there is no time limit for completion.

If a player completes requests consecutively (i.e. without giving up on any), they may receive more Silver Lunares Coins as a reward. The maximum amount of possible Coins received for completion is five. If the player has a Golden Goddess Statue placed in any of their homes, there is a rare chance of receiving one Gold Lunares Coin upon request completion.

Listed below are some of the possible items that Pam may request from the player:


  • "Oh me, oh my! Have you fallen out of bed?"
  • "I heard a huge thump just now, so I came running."
  • "I thought one of those watchamacillit stones had fallen on our house or something..."
  • "What are you gawping at, my dear? Did you have a strange dream?"
Player chooses "Actually..."
  • "Oh, you poor poppet. Was it a nasty, scary old dream?"
Player chooses "Nope"
  • "Well, I had a funny dream..."
  • "A dream about you getting a big bump on the head!"
  • "I'm just glad you didn't come through the ceiling. These floorboards are old and creaky."
  • "Oh, by the way..."
  • "I heard you finally chose a Life!"
  • "Oh, I'm so happy for you. Such excitement!"
  • "Have you checked the mailbox? There might be a letter from the King!"
  • "Pop outside and check, there's a dear."
  • "Over here, my dearie!"
  • "Here's the mailbox, look!"

Musical Themes[]

Pam's theme can be considered to be "A Chipper Tune", which plays in her home and during dialogue with her in certain chapters.

"Blissful Life" is considered to be her secondary theme, which plays at the end of every Tales of Lunares chapter, when the player and Yuelia report back to her.