Pair of Babouches
Pair of Babouches.png
Soft shoes with a pointed toe. Make walking on even the most uneven of roads a breeze.
3 Stars.png
Usable by
Paladin icon 1.png Mercenary icon 1.png Hunter icon 1.png Magician icon 1.png Miner icon 1.png Woodcutter icon 1.png Angler icon 1.png Cook icon 1.png Blacksmith icon 1.png Carpenter icon 1.png Tailor icon 1.png Alchemist icon 1.png
Defence Normal 4
Good ?
Great ?
Top ?
Divine ?
Magic Defence 0
Special Effects ------
Adept Recipe
Beast Hide x 2
Animal Hide x 1
Buy price Dosh 3,200 Dosh
Sell price
Normal 1,700 Dosh
Good ? Dosh
Great 2,380 Dosh
Top ? Dosh
Divine ? Dosh
Type Armour (Feet)

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