Olivia Pescado
オリビア・クラップ, Oribia Kurappu
Olivia as pirate
"Port Puerto's governor, who is drawn to the pirate Life. She's a little rough around the edges."
Character information
Gender Female
Hometown Port Puerto
Relatives Ahab (father)
Elise (late mother)
Andy Pescado (brother)
Rank Governess
First appearance Fantasy Life

Olivia (Japanese: オリビア・クラップ Oribia Kurappu) is the governor of Port Puerto. She is the daughter of an aristocratic woman and the pirate, Ahab. She is also the older sister to Andy who fills her role whenever she shirks her duties.

She has always wanted to be a pirate; however, she has always wondered whether her aristocratic mother would approve of it.

History Edit

Story Edit

Tales of Lunares Edit

Olivia Pescado

The letter from Olivia's mother, Elise, telling her that she approves of her being a pirate. (Read the first word of every sentence).

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

During daytime, Olivia can be found in her office at Port Puerto Palace.

In the evening, she can be found in the cabin of the pirate ship docked in Port Puerto Marina, in her pirate attire.

As an Ally Edit

Olivia can be recruited into the player's party once they have completed Tales of Lunares Chapter 3, A Pirate's Life and Flutter's Request Pro Pirate: Olivia Pescado!

In battle, Olivia wields a scimitar, which functions identically to a longsword.

Stats Edit

Olivia 100 805 300 360 220 260

Quotes Edit

"I've never been on a voyage when I haven't longed for home. Treasure means nothing if you can't get home. Setting sail is the adventure. Returning is the reward."

"{Player}! It seems like you've saved every world in existence now! I'm proud to know you."

Trivia Edit

  • Olivia is one of the keepers of a Master Chest.
  • Her surname, 'Pescado', means fish in Spanish.
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