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The Mysterious Fairy is a vendor found at the West Grassy Plains, by the pink tree on the hill east of Florina's hairdressing. Her real name is Sprinkle Twinkle. The Mysterious Fairy only appears after unlocking the "Mystery Fairy" Bliss Bonus. She will sell various items such as flowers, crafting items, and accessories as well as decor items.

Items for Sale Edit

Mysterious Fairy Location

The Mysterious Fairy sells the following items:

Mystery Fairy Bliss
Item Dosh
Castele Bloom 20
Port Puerto Bloom 40
Al Maajik Bloom 60
Running Flower 300
Lucky Flower 300
Energising Flower 300
Yellowbell 10
Greenbell 10
Bluebell 10
Blackbell 10
Redbell 10
Whitebell 10
Criticaline 6,000
Guardine 6,000
Qualitine 1,000
Energising Stone 2,000
Round Specs 6,300
Stylish Specs 8,000
Black-Rimmed Glasses 10,000
Red-Rimmed Glasses 12,000
Classy Monocle 10,000
Mini Specs 19,000
Wild Side Shades 16,000
Cape 800
Long Cape 8,000
Short Cape 9,800
Teddy Bear 1,800
Cuddly Sea Turtle 3,000
Toy Camel 7,000
Big Bunny Plushie 12,000
Patched Hole 1,600
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