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マスタング, Masutangu
Castele's Paladin captain, And also the Paladin master. Admired by his Troops, he has a distinctive moustache.
Character Information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Boomerang mustache
Relatives Unknown
Lives Castele
Life Paladin

Mustang is the Master of the Paladins.

You are able to recruit him as an ally after you have achieved God / Creator rank(DLC only).


  • Mustang swings his sword twice hitting several enemies and makes them flinch
  • Mustang charges for a second, afterwards he throws his mustache which hits up to 10 times before returning to Mustang.
  • Mustang gives a random person in the party an attack/magic damage buff or heals them.
  • Mustang leaps into the air and slams back down dealing multiple hits.

Stats (At level 100) HP 1500 SP 100 Attack 400 Defense 900 Magic 200 Attack 400 Magic Defense 400



Mustang is also in the story, he leads paladins and acts as their leader. Follows orders from King Erik and reluctantly for Professor Hughes, at least during chapter 2. He also hunts for Girboy in chapter 1. He has a big role but mostly in the background


  • Captain Mustang is the only life master to have a prominent role in the story.
  • Some people say he looks like Wario from the Mario and WarioWare series.
  • His mustache may be fake, as he can throw it like a boomerang.
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