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"Guardian of Cacto Cove's sealed cave. As Miguel's de facto grandchild, she knows her swords."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) -
Hometown Cacto Cove
Relatives Miguel (adoptive grandfather)
Rank Mercenary
First appearance Fantasy Life

Melusine is Miguel's adoptive granddaughter. An independent young woman trained in the ways of the Mercenary blade, she resides on Cacto Cove, as the guardian of the Cave of Shadows.


The adoptive 'granddaughter' of the famed Plushling Mercenary Miguel, Melusine is a survivor of a shipwreck that claimed her parents at a young age. Found on the coast of Al Maajik by Miguel, the Plushling took the child under his wing, teaching her how to fight and look after herself.

When she came of age, Miguel challenged her to slay the Desert Tyrant. Unable to fell the beast, Melusine ultimately gave up and took residence on Cacto Cove to live a carefree life with her pet Dinky Dragon Fran. Despite her failure, there seems to be no hard feelings between her and Miguel, and she is still quite proficient in wielding a sword.

At some point in time, Melusine inherited the title of Guardian of Cacto Cove from Miguel.



In both the daytime and evening, Melusine can be found in her solitary cabin on Cacto Cove.

Rank Rewards and Challenges[]

  • Unlocks "Shadows in the Sand" challenge at the rank of Expert.
  • Gives 3 Superior Resistance Sprays at the rank of God-in-Training.

As an Ally[]

Melusine can be recruited into the the player's party as an Ally once they reach the rank of Master in the Mercenary Life.

In battle, Melusine wields a katana, which she keeps sheathed unless she attacks. With defences higher than her offence, Melusine is a defensive fighter and utilizes precise strikes against her enemies. She has a ranged attack where she releases shockwaves from her blade and a charged attack where she steps forward and strikes with a powerful draw attack which hits enemies thrice in a wide arc.

Melusine will also occasionally bestow a buff on the player that temporarily increases their physical attack power.


Melusine 100 800 330 360 195 235


  • Melusine's fighting style is based on the Japanese Sword Martial Art Iaidō, which is associated with controlled strikes and returning the blade to its scabbard.