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The player will receive letters from townspeople, flyers from local shops and so on. Occasionally the player will get a letter that is vital to the progression of the story.

The player can also view tutorials on in-game features in the form of letters, which can be checked to review a tutorial if the player gets stuck.


Story-related mail[]

People will send you mail at certain milestones in the main story.

From King Erik[]

  1. Dear <player>, Once you have received your license, I would request your presence at the Royal Court. King Erik of Castele
  2. Dear <player>, I offer you my congratulations on starting your new Life. But the adventure has only just begun. New discoveries await those willing to explore! Goog luck on your travels. King Erik of Castele
  3. Ah, <player> I have a request for a promising young individual such as yourself. Please, come and see me at the Royal Court. King Erik of Castele
  4. Dear <player>, I have a task for one so brave as yourself. Would you come and see me at the Royal Court? King Erik of Castele
  5. Dear <player>, We've discovered something incredible! Hurry to the Royal Court, so I can show you. King Erik of Castele
  6. Summons to the Reveria Summit Your presense is requested at the Reveria Summit, to be held in Castele Castle's Great Hall. King Erik of Castele

From Divinus[]

  1. <player>, I hope you are still enjoying yourself. There are always more things to see and do in this world, but never forget that relaxing is also an important part of any Life. Divinus (P.S. Please take care of my daughter!)

From Gladstone[]

  1. To <player>, Well who'd have thought you'd end up saving the world? Amazing! I'd love to hear some of your tales, if you could spare some time. I'm up on Mt Snowpeak, as usual!

Unknown Sender[]

  1. me. I'm waiting in the castle. Please, come quickly!

Unlocked features mail[]

People will send you mail about unlocked features, homes, shops and more after finishing certain chapters of the story, achieving certain ranks in a Life or reaching a certain experience level! This section is useful to read especially if you want to know how to unlock various locations, shops and features in Fantasy Life.

Sender Message Letter unlocks: How to receive mail
Lettina Get presents through passwords! You can now use passwords at the post office! If you happen to know any, be sure to drop by! Ability to use passwords ?
Air Reveria: Castele Branch Air Reveria: Castele Grand Opening! Attention, adventurers: we're ready for take-off! Want to cross the East Grassy Plains in a flash? Just come and see us at Falcon's Garage in South Castele. Plane service at Castele ?
Air Reveria: Port Puerto Branch Air Reveria: Port Puerto Grand Opening! Off to Tortuga Archipelago, or the Desertward Ravine? We can drop you nearby with our trusty Puffoplane! When you're next in Port Puerto, be sure to drop by! Plane service at Port Puerto ?
Air Reveria: Al Maajik Branch Air Reveria: Al Maajik Grand Opening! Be whisked away on a magic carpet ride from our all-new Al Maajik branch! Come and pay us a visit when you're next heading off to the Drysand Desert. Plane service at Al Maajik ?
Airport Now flying to Port Puerto! Air Reveria's Airship Division is pleased to announce the opening of a new route flying to Port Puerto. Just sit back and relax as you soar toward your destination! Airship service to Port Puerto Complete chapter 3 of the main story
Airport Now flying to Al Maajik! Air Reveria's Airhip Division is pleased to announce the opening of a new route flying to Al Maajik! Be swept off your feet as you jet off to a world beyond the dunes! Airship service to Al Maajik Complete chapter 4 of the main story
Larkin 'Sup! Thanks for all your help on Levitania [Terra Nimbus], buddy! Any chance you feel like another visit? We've just started running a direct flight between the Port Puerto Marina and Levitania [Terra Nimbus], so feel free to come and see us any time you need a lift. (Or just to say hi!) Plane service to Levitania [Terra Nimbus] Complete chapter (?) of the main story
Luciano I hope very much that your stay in Port Puerto was a pleasant one. I am greatly indebted to you for your efforts here, and I would like to share some wonderful news with you to convey my gratitude. I eagerly await your presence on the east side of Palace Way. Ability to buy the Port Puerto Holiday Home Complete chapter (?) of the main story
Eldred I must first offer my heartfelt thanks for your aid to His Lordship and myself. Al Maajik is loud as bustling as usual. I should very much like to thank you in person, so please do drop by if you find yourself passing. I shall be waiting on the west side of Spelltown. Ability to buy the Al Maajik Holiday Home Complete chapter (?) of the main story
Laura I've had Father tidy up the manor house in the Shopping District so it's fit for you to move in! If you're looking for somewhere nice, give it a go! It's really quite spacious, so I hope it'll be to your liking! Ability to move to the Manor House Complete the main story
Olivia Have you heard? There's a members-only "secret shop" inside Snoot's Emporium. I'm sure it would be worth a look if you feel like doing some shopping. Snoot's Emporium Secret Shop (shop) Reach level 30 and complete the main story
Daemon Repository of Forbidden Books (shop) Reach level 35 and complete the main story
Odin Dark Void (location) Reach level 40 and complete the main story
Noelia Reach level 45 and complete the main story
Gladstone Ability to open the legendary treasure chest in King Erik's chamber Reach level 50 and complete the main story


The game includes tutorials in the form of letters about many game mechanics in Fantasy Life.