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ラグナロー, Ragunarō
"A would-be hero obsessed with challenging the Dark Sultan in a fight to the death."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Castele
Relatives Unknown
Rank So-Called Hero
First appearance Fantasy Life

Magnificus is a cowardly so-called hero dressed in gaudy golden armour who has travelled from Castele to Al Maajik in order to 'slay' Dark Sultan Daemon Helbourne. More theatrics than heroics, Magnificus' claims and deeds are dubious at best.

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

In both the daytime and evening, Magnificus can be found on the Al Maajik Bridge, just outside the Dark Sultan's Fortress in Al Maajik.

As an Ally Edit

Magnificus can be recruited into the player's party as an Ally once they have completed Tales of Lunares Chapter 4, Al Maajikan Nights and Flutter's Request Easy Come, Easy Go.

In battle, Magnificus will usually spend most of his time keeping his distance from enemies and cowering in fear. On the occasion he does decide to act, he will attack by swishing his longsword in a clumsy flurry, which ironically has pitiful range. Interestingly, Magnificus has a surprising amount of (dumb) luck, and lands critical hits very often. Despite wielding a shield, Magnificus will make almost no attempt in blocking enemy attacks.

He will also occasionally bestow a buff on the player that increases their physical defence.

Magnificus' Friendship will increase faster if the player is a Blacksmith while having him in the party.

Stats Edit

Magnificus 100 745 180 320 175 190
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