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=== Alchemist (God): ===
=== Alchemist (God): ===
* [[Yggdrasil Flask]] (x2)
* [[Yggdrasil Flask]] (x2)
* [[Destiny Charm]] (x1)
=== Tailor (Demi-Creator): ===
=== Tailor (Demi-Creator): ===

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Lifeforce Cluster
Lifeforce Cluster.png
4 Stars.png
Buy price
Sell price 900 Dosh
Sell super price
Type Materials

A type of material used in some Creator-Rank crafting recipes.

Monster Drops

Lifeforce Clusters might drop when the following enemies are defeated:

Used to Craft/Amount Required

Blacksmith (God):

Alchemist (God):

Tailor (Demi-Creator):

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