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Levitania (Terra Nimbus)
Levitania from above
Levitania from above
East levitania02
Mysterious Abandoned Shack
Vital statistics
Type A mysterious island suspended in the sky. The sun-soaked trees and ore found on the island are of exceptionally high quality.
Level Chapter 6
Location Reveria's Sky
Inhabitants Plushlings

Levitania, known as Terra Nimbus in the North American release, is a region in Reveria.

Once a Doom Stone that came from the sky during a time of crises in Reveria, the huge mass threatened to level the realm as it precariously loomed over the land. In order to prevent the stone's eventual collision course, Celestia utilized the Floatstone in her airship, placing it on the stone to keep it afloat. With the threat barely averted, the denizens of Reveria soon united and worked towards an era of peace under Celestia's guidance, which stopped future Doom Stones from falling.

The Doom Stone remained in the sky, a reminder of darker times, which people learned to fear and revile. Centuries passed, and what was once a Doom Stone had become purified by Celestia's Floatstone, turning into the floating island of myth and legend it is today.

To reach Levitania, you need to reach chapter 6 of the story after Crankshaft makes some improvements to the airship. After the main story is complete, you can access Levitania anytime by talking to Larkin to the east of Port Puerto Marina.

Also, after completing Chapter 6, you gain the ability to get dragon and bird pets (requires Origin Island DLC) by talking to the Pet Vendor in Central Levitania.

Central LevitaniaEdit

Central levitania

Central Levitania, Lightning Wraith



Resources and ItemsEdit


Flowers, Herbs and Mushrooms

Fruits, Vegetables and Animal Products

Ore, Wood and Fish

Treasure Chests

East LevitaniaEdit

East levitania01

East Levitania, Jungle Gym


Resources and ItemsEdit


Flowers, Herbs and Mushrooms


Treasure Chests

West LevitaniaEdit

West levitania

West Levitania, Celestial Tree


Resources and ItemsEdit

Plushling CampEdit

Plushling camp

Plushling Camp

The Plushling Camp is a town in Levitania populated with Plushlings. You can buy various things there, as well as renting a Holiday Home from one of the Plushlings. The Plushling Camp can be accessed from East Levitania.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Save Point: Save your progress here.
  • Bounty Clerk: Turn in a bounty here.
  • Inn Master: Sleep or rest here to change the time of day, for a small fee.
  • Shopkeeper: You can buy items from this Plushling. (see "Plushling Shopkeeper" section for items sold)
  • Salesplushling: You can buy a Holiday home in the Plushling Camp through this Plushling, as long as you have the Origin Island DLC and pay 200,000 Dosh.

Plushling ShopkeeperEdit

Talk to this plushling to buy items.

Item Price (Dosh)
Heavenly Peach 420
Jungle Banana 40
Wasabi 200
Hi-HP Potion 320
Mega Aid 2500
Hi-SP Potion 440
Elixir 3500
Panacea 1800
Life Cure 1500
Soulweed 600
Arch Alcheweed 200
Ultima Alcheweed 400
Medium Bomb 1000
Great Bomb 1800
Celestial Ore 400
Starry Thread 600
Skytree Log 200
Diamond 4000
Ancient Pickaxe 20000
Giant's Axe 19800
Sea Cloud Rod 23400
Spark Hammer 29000
Ancient Saw 28000
Adventurer's Sword 30000
Wyvern's Breath 24000
Dragon's Tail 28000
Sky-High Headwear 11000
Sky-High Armour 18000
Sky-High Bottoms 16000
Sky-High Gloves 10000
Sky-High Boots 11000
Dragon Helm 28000
Dragon Mail 32000
Dragon Leggings 29000
Dragon Gloves 26000
Dragon Boots 25000
Durable Charm 4000
Reinforced Charm 15000
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