Lava Golem
Lava Golem
Enemy information
Location(s) Lava Cave
Possible drop(s) Dragon Shard, Lava Pickaxe, Ruby
Enemy level Silver
Bounty Yes
Bounty rewards 1000 Dosh + Magma Ore / Lava Pickaxe / Dragon Shard
Approx. health 350 HP
Nature Aggressive

The Lava Golem is a silver-crowned enemy that can be found in the Lava Cave. It has 350 HP and an aggressive nature. It also drops a bounty when defeated.

Also it is helped in battle with 3 Mushflames.

It is resistant to fire and weak to water.

Related Quests Edit

Defeat the Lava Golem as a Paladin to complete:

  • Adept Paladin challenge "One Hot Rock" / "Hot Rocks" (200 stars)

Bounty Rewards Edit

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