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Lava Cave can be found to the South-West of Mt Snowpeak.

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Within Lava Cave is the Secret Smithy, an area where you can purchase Blacksmith wares.


Magma Ore Deposits can be found scattered throughout the Area. Magma Ore Deposits can drop Minty Ore, Quality Minty Ore and Magma Ore.

Large Magma Ore Deposits have the chance to drop Rubies.

A Dragon Scab can be found in the area.

A Sacred Fire Tree can also be found in the area. Drops Fire Logs along with a bounty.



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The Lava Golem bounty can be found in the Area, when cashed in this grants 1000 Dosh and a single piece of Magma Ore, or on rare occasions a Lava Pickaxe.

A Blaze Wraith bounty can also be found within the cave. When cashed in, this grants 3600 Dosh and a Giant Fang or a Flame Robe. An additional Giant Fang can also be obtained as a drop upon defeat.

Mining Locations[]

Incandescent Gemstone can be found as a bounty from Amazing Magma Ore Deposits. When cashed in, it grants 600 Dosh and a Ruby.

A Dragon Scab can be mined in the Area. When cashed in, it grants 1000 Dosh and a Dragon Shard or Dragon Scales.

Once the Miner's God Special Request has been activated, a Golem Stone will appear. When cashed in, it grants a Golem Fragment.


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