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Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) -
Hometown Port Puerto
Relatives -
Rank Ace Pilot
First appearance Tales of Lunares -

Chapter 6

Larkin is an airship pilot in Port Puerto, and close friends with airship mechanics Crankshaft and Aurora.


As an airship pilot, Larkin worked closely with Crankshaft and often flew airships he had built and serviced. He was also friends with Crankshaft's daughter, Aurora, and the three shared the dream of finding Levitania, the floating island of legend.

Larkin embarked on a flight one day in search of Levitania, but never returned. Crankshaft and Aurora, fearing the worst, assumed that their dear friend had perished. Crankshaft soon turned to alcoholism, and all Aurora could do was watch helplessly as her father fell deeper into depression


Sky Island Hopping[]

Contrary to Crankshaft and Aurora's fears, it is revealed that Larkin had survived his flight, having found Levitania after all. Upon his discovery, Larkin's airship experienced a sudden failure which forced him to make an "improvised landing" onto the floating island. He stumbled upon a settlement of Plushlings and, with his airship destroyed, had been living with them since.

Larkin is first met in the Plushling Village by the player, Robin, and Noelia, who had similarly crash-landed onto Levitania. Fortunately for them, Larkin had salvaged their airship and managed to repair it. After learning that the player and co were seeking a giant Floatstone, he directs them to an abandoned shack to the west of the settlement, where they find a series of notes detailing crucial information concerning Levitania.

After a series of encounters with Doom Stone-affected shadow monsters, the player manages to find the Floatstone and retrieves it. Larkin returns to Port Puerto along with the player, where he shares a reunion with Crankshaft and Aurora.


After completing Tales of Lunares Chapter 6, Sky Island Hopping, Larkin offers a flight service which can take players to-and-from Port Puerto and Levitania.